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Roman Pastas Making Class

Explore the Art of Authentic Roman Pasta: From Carbonara to Amatriciana, Discover the Timeless Delights of Pasta Cacio e Pepe, and Revisit the True Roman Tradition in This Pasta Making Class in Rome

Roman Pastas Making Class



Master Roman Classics: Carbonara, Matriciana, and Cacio e Pepe Pasta Making in Rome

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Discover why our 'Roman Pastas Making Class' is celebrated as the best cooking class in Rome. Immerse yourself in the art of authentic pasta making in Rome, crafting iconic dishes like Carbonara, Amatriciana, and Cacio e Pepe. Located just steps from iconic landmarks, this pasta cooking class offers a seamless blend of culinary expertise and cultural exploration. Whether you're a local or a tourist searching for a 'pasta making class near me,' our course provides an authentic, top-rated experience in the heart of Italy's culinary capital. Join us to master Roman pasta dishes in a single, unforgettable session.

Max Guests allowed 20

Average guests per session 6-8

Class duration average 2 h 

Roman Pastas Making Class Details

What's included in the cooking class?

In the Roman Pastas Making Class, you will learn how to make roman long-shaped pasta from scratch (Tonnarelli or Bucatini). Under the guidance of our chef, you will use standard kitchen utensils—no special equipment is required.

Kitchen utensils

We supply all the essential tools required for our Roman Pastas Making Class, including pasta machines, rolling pins, pasta guitar (Traditonal Italian Pasta cutter). Aprons are provided for use during the session and must be returned at the end of the class, along with all other utensils.

Gluten-free Roman Pastas Making Class

For gluten-free lessons, you can enroll in a private Pasta Making class through our private class section, or send an email via this link for further arrangements. If you are celiac and prefer to join a shared class, you will participate in the standard lesson. However, at the end of the class, you have the option to enjoy dishes prepared safely by our staff. In private classes, you will prepare gluten-free recipes yourself. We take food allergies and intolerances seriously and encourage only those with genuine medical conditions to opt for our gluten-free options, as using gluten-free flours without a medical need is not recommended for health reasons.

Roman Pastas Making Class in Rome - Pasta making Class Italy

Sample Menu

Our menu typically features three or four Roman pastas with distinct sauces. All dishes are based on long-shaped pasta, such as Tonnarelli or Bucatini, with occasional variations like Rigatoni.

The two must-have, default dishes are meat-based: Amatriciana, made with tomato sauce, pork cheek, and Pecorino Romano, and Carbonara, prepared with "carbocrema sauce" (a blend of egg and Pecorino Romano) and pork cheek.





Following the default options, the other two choices are Gricia and Cacio e Pepe. Both are served in a creamy sauce of Pecorino Romano. While Cacio e Pepe, a vegetarian option consisting of cheese and black pepper, can be prepared as a meat version called Gricia, following Roman tradition.



Cacio & Pepe


Although a meat-free version, Cacio e Pepe, is available, the entire pasta lesson is not strictly vegetarian, as Roman tradition incorporates pork meat in three of the four Roman Pastas recipes.

Beverages are included with the class. We provide fine wines—both red and white—as well as soft drinks and water. We pride ourselves on using fresh and high-quality ingredients, ensuring the best quality wines, pork meat, are selected for our dishes.

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