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italian cooking classes in rome

Booking terms and conditions of Italian cooking classes in Rome

Please Note: The original Italian text of these Terms and Conditions may have been translated into other languages. The translated version is unofficial and for illustrative purposes only, therefore without legal value. In the event of disputes or inconsistencies or discrepancies between the Italian text and the translations into other languages ​​of these Terms and Conditions, the Italian text will prevail and will be the final version.





A. Data processing, conditions of use of the portals containing the logo of Italian cooking classes in Rome

A.1 Please read the booking rules below carefully. Each booking, after its confirmation, has a contract value according to the current legislation in accordance with the Legislative Decree n.185 of 22 May 1999 "Implementation of Directive 97/7 / EC relating to the protection of consumers in respect of distance contracts". The contract is binding for those who make the booking and for all other subjects not even mentioned in the same, minors included.

B. Understanding

B.1. You accept and understand that the content of this website is managed by L'eataliano;

B.2. You accept and understand the distinct roles of the Partnership between Italian cooking classes in Rome and L'eataliano, legally stipulated, and the responsibilities of each that will be attested below.

B.3. You accept and understand that Italian cooking classes in Rome are solely and exclusively responsible for the material performance of the services sold by L'eataliano on this or other internet portals, such as cooking classes, food tours, food and wine events, catering, chef service at home.

B.4 You agree and understand that Francesco Ieriti's L'EATaliano based in London, 2B Anchor Street SE163LT is the sole and exclusive owner of this portal and the internet domains attributable to it: 

C. Bookings and Payments

C.1. It is possible to make a reservation request by email at directly to Italian cooking classes in Rome. Following the request, an offer (non-binding) will be sent to you. Alternatively, you can make an online reservation by following the instructions available on the website or other portals on the internet owned by L'eataliano. The reservation is to be considered confirmed only after our written communication via email showing the total price due and after the payment of the deposit or the total amount, to be made within 3 days of our confirmation (not for all services). If the payment is not made within the requested time, the booking is to be considered null. The reservation becomes binding for the Italian cooking classes in Rome only upon receipt of a copy of the payment receipt of the depositor of the total amount, or after making the payment through the IT procedure through At this point, L'Eataliano will undertake to send the customer an e-mail of confirmation or a summary voucher to be shown at the time of check-in. Confirmation of the reservation implies acceptance of all points in this document. We kindly ask you to check the accuracy of the aforementioned confirmation data and to communicate any anomaly as soon as possible. The communication must be received no later than 4 days after receipt of the same. After this term, we decline any responsibility for any inaccuracies. Upon arrival, it is mandatory to present an identification document for each person if requested by our tutors or by any other person in charge of security. To make changes to the reservation it is necessary to contact the staff of the office of the structure and not L'Eataliano, who will do everything possible to satisfy the request. However, it is not possible to guarantee the fulfilment of this request. If the reservation is moved to a period for which the price is higher than the amount paid, the customer is required to pay the difference.

C.2.  The booking and payment service is provided and managed by L'eataliano, which uses to use software with GeoTrust SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology. SSL encrypts and tokenizes the name, credit card number and expiration date before transmission over the network. This makes the Internet transaction safe and ensures that all sensitive data will be kept confidential.

C.3. Payment instruments accepted by L'Eataliano through Stripe, Inc. are the following: American Express, Euro \ Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, Vpay, Diners Club, JCB, CartaSi, Apple Pay.

C.4. L'eataliano does not accept cash payments;

C.5. Cash payments up to a maximum of € 1,000.00 are accepted as required by Italian law and are managed exclusively by Italian cooking classes in Rome, thus excluding L'Eataliano from any liability.
C.6. No refund is due to the guest who decides to discontinue the service already undertaken and therefore is required to pay the full amount of the reservation.


C.7. No-show (no-show), In case of no-show, the deposit will be retained plus all the amount due. Italian cooking classes in Rome will request the payment of the amount due via L'eataliano. L'Eataliano has the right to use his available means to recover the credit in case of No-show.

C.8. In case of delays, Italian cooking classes in Rome have the right to start their lessons or services if customers are more than a quarter of an hour (15 minutes) late. Italian cooking classes in Rome have the right to consider the lesson cancelled if customers are late for more than half an hour (30 minutes). L'Eataliano has the right to withhold the amount due plus that already paid in any case, as in the points mentioned above (C.7.
C.9. In the event of an error in booking or transcription by the direction of Italian cooking classes in Rome, the customer has the right to request a refund of the amount paid, or any deposit paid. If the client, despite the error, should take part of his own free will to the activity carried out inside or outside the premises of Italian cooking classes in Rome, carried out by Italian cooking classes in Rome, he will ask L'eataliano to right to withhold the amount paid and any balance due and exclude itself from any liability. 
C.10. Italian cooking classes in Rome do not admit payers in the activity, but not in the structure, children under 6 years. Paying children and young people are allowed in the activities carried out by Italian cooking classes in Rome, from 6 to 18 years, under the supervision of an adult in charge, legal guardian, parent or relative. Italian cooking classes in Rome and L'Eataliano are excluded from any responsibility for false information provided by customers intent on circumventing this rule. Children are not entitled to special discounts, except at the discretion of the direction of Italian cooking classes in Rome
D. Deposit
D.1. We only accept deposits of some of the services listed and sold online. Deposits are retained through the payment instrument provided, see point C.3. L'Eataliano has the right to pre-authorize or cash out the deposit immediately at his discretion. 
D.2. Pre-authorization, L'Eataliano reserves the right to check the validity of the credit card before the arrival of the customer by requesting a pre-authorization from the circuit to which he belongs. With pre-authorization, the seller guarantees the temporary availability of the total amount of the service, or part of it, to make sure that the credit card is valid. The pre-authorization expires automatically after 7 days from the requested date and the amount is released. In the case of pre-authorized with the negative result, the customer will be notified and the reservation will be cancelled. In this case, the company will have no obligation towards the customer. 

D.3. Some services offered on online portals such as this one containing the logo of Italian cooking classes in Rome (point A.) require a deposit. The charge or pre-authorization is made at the time of booking. The charge is no longer refundable if the customer or his substitute cancels the reservation (point E.).    


E. Cancellation 
E.1. Standard cancellation conditions: cancellations of any kind by customers or agents acting in their place are not accepted. For cancellation conditions, please refer to your booking confirmation received by email immediately after booking online. Italian cooking classes in Rome tirelessly have the right to cancel lessons with at least two hours (2 hours) notice, in the event of breakdowns or for administrative, management reasons, due to force majeure. In this case, the Italian cooking classes in Rome will make chefs and other shifts available to the customer. If for any reason you are not available to move or to accept one of the conditions offered by Italian cooking classes in Rome, the customer has the right to request a refund of the amount already paid. Italian cooking classes in Rome is not responsible in any case if the customer does not answer the phone, does not read emails or text messages, or provides incorrect contact information, in which case, the movement, cancellation or modification of the reservation is considered accepted by the customer. L'Eataliano excludes himself from any liability in case of cancellation by Italian cooking classes in Rome
E.2. Non-refundable cancellation conditions: in the event of cancellation by the customer, Italian cooking classes in Rome through L'Eataliano reserve the right to withhold the amount received as lost earnings. For cancellations or changes, the entire amount due or any balance will be charged to the payment instrument (point C.3.).
F. Refunds

F.1. The customer who has purchased a service on this or other portals containing the Italian cooking classes in Rome logo (point A.), has the right to request a refund if Italian cooking classes in Rome does not perform a service purchased. 
F.2. Non-refundable payment condition: If the customer does not respect any of the points listed above (C.6. / C.7. / C.8. / E.2.), He is not entitled to a refund. 
F.3. Refundable payment conditions: In the event that Italian cooking classes in Rome does not perform a service already purchased and paid for on a specific date, the customer is entitled to request a refund.
F.4. Refund times: Refunds are requested by the Italian cooking classes in Rome to L'eataliano within 48 hours from the suspension of the service. L'Eataliano is
responsible for reimbursements as the manager of the payment instruments, the reimbursement times can vary from 5 to 10 working days, up to in some cases reaching 15 working days. 
G.Payment disputes
G.1. A customer has the right to contest a payment only if he is entitled to a refund which he has not received within the terms described in point F.4 (max 15 working days + 48 hours ). 
H. Rules of Conduct
H.1. The customer is obliged to avoid behaviours that could cause harassment to other customers. Harassed people will be escorted out by the security, and reported to the police. Any kind of harassment against tutors, chefs, staff, and guests in the facilities of Italian cooking classes in Rome will be considered aggression. Aggression is a criminal offence in Italy, punishable by law.


H.2. Smoking is allowed only in open-air spaces. Whenever the ban on smoking is not respected, the offender will be charged a penalty of € 300.00. It is forbidden to get drunk, or after using drugs, in which case you will be invited to leave the facility. It is forbidden to introduce alcoholic drinks or drugs into the facilities of Italian cooking classes in Rome.


I. Reviews  


I.1. TripAdvisor and reviews of various kinds: The management of IT services, online reservations, payments, management of payment instruments, and mediation services, come exclusively as per contract, viewable in the FOREWORD managed by L'Eataliano and his manager Francesco Ieriti with headquarters in 2B Anchor street, SE163LT, London, UK, Phone Numb +447427061246 email or Therefore the customer accepts the following: Italian cooking classes in Rome as per the legal contract between the aforementioned parties excludes and is considered unaware of problems relating to payments, disputes, refunds, malfunctions of the sites, interruption of online services, for this reason, Italian cooking classes in Rome considers any comment, evaluation, and review of various kinds not inherent to its own activity, namely services of a practical and material nature, such as cooking lessons, food tours, respect for customers, cleaning of premises etc. , a slander, and as such undertakes to prove it through legal ways.
L. Force majeure and liability waiver clause


L.1. Neither we nor any of our members, managers, employees and representatives can be held liable to you and to natural or legal persons connected or related to you only for direct and immediate damages actually suffered and paid as a direct consequence of a failure to fulfil our obligations. Obligations in providing the services we should have provided you. The compensation (also for legal assistance costs) will, in any case, be limited to the total amount of the cost of your booking, as indicated in the confirmation email (both with regard to a single circumstance and a series of related circumstances). Without prejudice to the foregoing, in any case neither we nor any of our members, managers, employees, representatives, consultants, subsidiaries, group companies, affiliate (distribution) partners, license holders, agents or persons involved in production, sponsorship , in the promotion or disclosure of the website and its contents, we may be held liable for: (i) punitive, special, indirect or consequential losses or damages, for no loss of production, profit, income, contract, for injury or damage to good name and reputation or loss of rights, (ii) for the inadequacy of the (descriptive) information of our services made available on our website, (iii) for the services provided or for the products offered by our website, (iv) for damages (direct, indirect, consequential or punitive), for losses or costs incurred and paid due to the inability to use or delay of our website, but consequent or connected to its use, or (v) for personal damage, property or other types of damage (direct, indirect, special, consequential or punitive), for the losses or costs incurred and paid for actions (legal), errors, violations, guilt and negligence (serious), intentional maladministration, omissions, false declaration, contractual, extra-contractual or objective liability for an illegal act attributable (partially or totally) to an external agency of which you have been used to book any of our services. In no case, neither Italian cooking classes in Rome nor any of its members, managers, employees and representatives can be held responsible for damage, loss or theft of objects owned by the Guest (Guests) during their activities. 
M. Purpose of the Service 
M.1. The Terms and Conditions, their content, their structure and the online booking service provided through this website are owned, managed and offered by L'Eataliano and are provided for your exclusive personal use for non-commercial purposes, governed by the terms and the conditions described below. Although we provide our service with diligence and attention, we cannot be held responsible for any errors (including manifest and typing ones), interruption of the service (which is due to - temporary and/or partial - failure to repair, upgrade or to the maintenance of the website or other), for inaccurate, misleading or false information or for their non-delivery. Our services are available for personal and non-commercial use only.
Therefore, it is not allowed to resell, use, copy, insert deep-link, monitor (using for example spider, scrape), view, download or reproduce any content or information, software, product or service available on our website for any type of commercial or competitive activity.


M.2. By making a reservation you agree to receive (i) one or more emails before your arrival date, containing confirmation of the reservation and possibly information about your destination and various suggestions and offers (also from third parties, if you have given consent) relating to your booking and destination, and (ii) an email after your stay with an invitation to express your opinion on Italian cooking classes in Rome
N. Intellectual property 
N.1. Unless otherwise specified, the logo of l'Eataliano, the websites listed in point B., and all the content, information and material contained therein, as well as the copyright on them (including copyright), are owned exclusive of Francesco Ieriti and cannot be reproduced, in whole or in part, transferred (by electronic or conventional means), modified, connected or otherwise used for any purpose without the prior written consent of L'eataliano.


O. Possible Malfunctions of the Technological Equipment


O.1. Internet services may not be available during your operations due to technical problems that may occur outside the sphere of control of the Partnership. It is also possible that the Internet service provided is not compatible with the operating system or with the configuration of your device. In the cases indicated above, the Partnership cannot be held responsible for any damages or losses or costs due to these technical problems.


P. Acceptance


P.1. These Terms and Conditions, as well as the provision of our services, are governed by and must be interpreted in accordance with Italian law; any dispute that may arise in relation to these terms and conditions and our services will be left to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Rome, Italy, without prejudice to the application of mandatory rules of law regarding the Consumer Court. The original Italian text of these Terms and Conditions may have been translated into other languages. The translated version is unofficial and for illustrative purposes only, therefore without legal value. In the event of disputes or inconsistencies or discrepancies between the Italian text and the translations into other languages ​​of these Terms and Conditions, the Italian text will prevail and will be the final version. The English text is available on our website (by selecting the
English language) or will be sent upon written request. In the event that any of the clauses of these Terms and Conditions is not valid, loses validity, or becomes non-binding, you will continue to comply with all the other clauses set out here. In this case, we will replace the aforementioned clause with a clause that is valid and binding, which has an effect as similar as possible to the one replaced and which you undertake to accept in compliance with the contents and purposes of these Terms and Conditions.


P.2. The Terms and Conditions are shown here - and any subsequent changes and additions made - apply to all our services made available online, directly or indirectly (through distributors), via any mobile device, via email or by phone. By accessing our website, visiting it, and/or using any of the applications available through any platform (hereinafter referred to as the "website"), and/or making a reservation, you declare that you have read, understood and accepted (also to pursuant to and for the purposes of articles 1341 and 1342 of the Italian civil code) the terms and conditions reported here (including the Privacy Policy).
Q. Privacy


Q.1. Information is pursuant to art. 13, Legislative Decree 196/2003 Q.1. By reading this page you can learn more about the procedures adopted by the Partnership, hereinafter called the Partnership to protect your personal data: The collection and use of the personal data of visitors who consult the sites managed by L'Eataliano takes place as provided by the legislative decree n. 196/2003 "Code regarding the protection of personal data". The Partnership, with registered office in Via Magnagrecia 30 / A, 00183, Rome RM, to which the interested party can contact for any request relating to the treatment. The controller is the owner of the site mentioned above. To exercise the rights provided by art. 7 of the Code regarding the protection of personal data, for more information on how to collect and use your personal data, or for questions and suggestions, you can contact the Aeatean. Q.2. Consent to the processing of personal data pursuant to Legislative Decree 196/2003: This information is provided for the site and also for other websites and related to it managed by L'Eataliano. Pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003, we inform you that the Partnership will proceed to the processing of personal data in compliance with the legislation on the protection of the processing of personal data. The provision of data is optional, but any refusal to provide it determines the inability to access the requested services. Personal data are collected electronically and processed directly and/or through third parties, delegated for the following purposes: execution of online services;
statistics on the use of the site by the user; sending information and promotional material through the use of e-mail (newsletter). In any case, the data will not be disclosed or sold to third parties. The data may be consulted only by the subjects specifically appointed by the L'Eataliano. Pursuant to art. 7 of the d. lgs. 196/2003, you have the right to obtain information on the processing of your data, on the methods and purposes and on the logic applied to them, as well as: 1) the confirmation of the existence of the data and the communication of the same and their origin; 2) the identity of the owner and managers, as well as the subjects or categories of subjects to whom the data can be communicated or who can learn about them as managers or agents; 3) the updating, correction and integration of data; 4) cancellation, transformation into anonymous form, blocking of data processed in violation of the law; 5) the certification that the operations referred to in points 3) and 4) have been brought to the attention of those to whom the data have been communicated and disseminated, with the exception of the case in which this fulfilment proves impossible or involves a use of means manifestly disproportionate to the protected right; 6) to object: to the processing of data, even if pertinent to the purpose of the collection, for legitimate reasons; to the processing of data for commercial information purposes or for carrying out market research. BOOKING, pursuant to articles 13 and 23 of the d. lpgs. 196/2003 you declare that you have read the information relating to the processing of your data and express your consent: - to the data processing by the Partnership; - to the communication of your data to the third parties mentioned above, exclusively for the purposes specified above.
R. Social media & Authorization to use image rights and to transfer them 
R.1. The Partnership in this document called Partnership and all those who work on behalf of the same to: (i) take back their image, declarations, voice and name, with rights, with mobile phones, television, photographic or cinematographic means to register, reproduce, print and project them, (ii) use or reuse and/or publish and republish, within social media of all kinds excluding adult sites or products, within the institutional and/or internal publications of the company the aforementioned or other companies connected to it, which will be disseminated, the aforementioned video and photographic images that portray it, in colour, in black and white and in the formats and on the media that will be identified by the editorial needs. This authorization to use and transfer the image rights is issued by all customers, without time limitations and without
no consideration in its favour, in order to better illustrate and advertise the activities carried out by Italian cooking classes in Rome. This authorization does not allow the use of the images in contexts that compromise one's personal dignity and dignity and in any case for use and / or purposes other than those indicated above. In faith, for the purposes of Legislative Decree 196/2003 (Privacy Law), (i) it is acknowledged that the personal data provided with this authorization will be processed and used by the Partnership both with and without the aid of electronic tools (intranet networks and internet) and any possible software and (ii) we confirm that we have received the information pursuant to and for the purposes of art. 13 of the aforementioned Privacy Law. 
London, 02 January 2018 L'eataliano, 2B Anchor street, SE163LT United Kingdom 
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