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Pasta making class in Rome and Tiramisù from scratch

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Pasta making class in Rome and Tiramisù at Italian cooking classes in Rome near Trevi fountain

What do you imagine yourself doing on your Roman holiday? Probably dining with a big bottle of home-made Red wine by your side. You’re also most likely slurping up a big plate of handmade pasta coated in a luscious carbonara sauce. Sound accurate? What if we said that you have yourself to thank for this delicious meal? Now that we have you hooked, here's the best pasta making class in Rome that we think you’ll not want to miss!


What is included in the Online pasta making class and tiramisù!

  • Fresh Pasta Recipe

  • Tiramisu recipe

  • Stuffed pasta

  • Long pasta

  • Two traditional sauces

  • Private consulting

  • Downloadable recipes

What is NOT included in the pasta making class in Rome and tiramisù!

  • Special Request

  • Tools

Tagliatelle, fettuccini, spaghetti or Ravioli Cooking Class in the heart of Rome near the trevi Fountain, learn how to make fresh handmade pasta with juicy tomato and meat sauce such as amatriciana and enjoy a hearty Italian meal with a friendly group in the heart of Rome. Or do you prefer a big plate of handmade pasta coated in a luscious carbonara sauce? No problem! Italian cooking classes in Rome offers every day in Rome cooking classes where the menu changes constantly, where you will learn the pasta made from scratch that will be topped with a fantastic authentic Italian sauce made with a professional chef. Our pasta lesson in Rome is explained in a simple way with fundamental technical steps to make a perfect dish with a unique texture and flavour. It's a short walk through the beautiful historic centre to Italian cooking classes in Rome's kitchen which is in the heart of Trevi (one of the oldest parts of Rome). It is here that you begin to become a ''Chef in a Day'' and the cooking adventure in Rome starts! You will be taught from scratch how to make 2 different fresh kinds of pasta from 2 different doughs (a long or short pasta, a stuffed pasta), prepare a traditional Italian tiramisù made in an authentic way. The lesson is ''hands-on'' and will take approximately 3 hrs. All the recipes will be explained in detail, and many tricks and tips will be given during this pasta and tiramisù class in Rome.

Online Pasta class & Tiramisù ZOOM
1 hr 30 min

What do you need for this cooking class online?

  • Download the list of necessary ingredients

  • Download the list of tools

  • Download the ZOOM meeting APP


what do guests think about or pasta class

"We love Italian food, and we love to cook. This class was perfect! We learned so much in so little time while having a great time. Tiramisu from scratch, ravioli, chiara (square spaghetti), ceccio e pepe sauce, and carbonara sauce. We have since tried at home with success."

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Can I book this pasta class Rome offline?

Yes, you can book this class also by e-mail sending your details such as name, surname, phone number, number of people to, The price indicated in the lessons is valid only online.

Is it possible to do this pasta and tiramisu class for people with celiac disease or lactose intolerance?

On request, chefs could agree to take this pasta cooking class and tiramisù with an exception for gluten intolerance, however, it is not possible to guarantee gluten contamination with the other ingredients due to the easy volatility of the gluten itself. The kitchen uses flour in almost all the preparations, and therefore even involuntary contamination is very easy, so we do not take any responsibility for sickness caused by allergens.  It is not possible to make tiramisu without lactose as it would be a different dessert and therefore not expected.

Are children entitled to a discount?

We do not provide discounts for children, as they take up space, use a section, and need the same attention as an adult. However the administration could issue discounts for children on certain occasions, such as a large group, a private class, a whole family could have access to a discount.

Is the pasta making class suitable for children?

Yes, the class can also be booked for children over the age of 6, with the participation of at least one responsible adult.

Is it possible to changethis lesson by adding more?

Unfortunately, we cannot change a shared pasta-making class in Rome by adding more in the cooking class. But you can still book a lesson tailored made for you in the Private Class section.

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