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market cooking class rome


Market shopping private 130€

Market shopping and  cooking class Rome Private

Campo De' Fiori | Shopping, tour, tastings, Cooking class, Meal, and drinks included | Hands-on | 


Market shopping and cooking class at Italian cooking classes in Rome

Do you want to know where your food comes from? At our local market, you will learn about Italian culture and traditions, which is why you will love the idea of a market for a cooking class Rome.


What is included in this cooking class Rome

  • Market tour

  • Tastings

  • Traditional or sea-food Shopping (+20€)

  • 3 Courses Menu

  • Red and white wine

  • Soft drinks and water

  • Downloadable recipes

  • Work tools

  • Apron to return

  • Transportation from the meeting Point

  • High-level menu execution

  • Gourmet chef


What is NOT included in this cooking class Rome

  • Apron as a Gift (you can buy online at 45€)

  • transportation to the Meeting point

  • Take away

  • More than 3 courses

Farm to table is all well and good, but most Romans eat market to table. A cooking class Rome, therefore, requires you shop as the Romans do. Visit the Campo de Fiori market, take a guided tour with the professional chef, taste, buy and learn with this fantastic "market to table cooking class Rome". The products at Campo De' Fiori market come from the Roman countryside and beyond. There are traditional products from other regions of Italy, such as for example the San Marzano tomato of the Agro Sarnese-Nocerino area (San Marzano tomato), you can find the Tropea IGP onion, all Norcia salami and much more. Learn Roman and Italian culture by buying as a local does! Learn to cook with a professional chef in the best cooking class Rome near the Trevi fountain in the dedicated structure, called Italian cooking classes in Rome.

Other Market Shopping and cooking class Rome details

  • AM

  • Hands-on

  • Vegetarian-Friendly (inform the chef)

  • All year round

  • The class is Private

  • Gluten-Free options ONLY on request (MAKE A REQUEST)

Meeting Point: Campo De' Fiori Market

Farm to table is all well and good, but most Romans eat market to table. A cooking class Rome, therefore, requires you shop as the Romans do. Visit the Campo de Fiori mar...
Market Shopping and Cooking class Rome

"We love Italian food, and we love to cook. This class was perfect! We learned so much in so little time while having a great time. Tiramisu from scratch, ravioli, chiara (square spaghetti), ceccio e pepe sauce, and carbonara sauce. We have since tried at home with success."

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Can I book this cooking class Rome offline?

Yes, you can book this class also by e-mail sending your details such as name, surname, phone number, number of people to, The price indicated in the lessons is valid only online.

Is it possible to do this cooking class Rome for people with celiac disease or lactose intolerance?

Yes, it is possible, since this cooking class Rome is private. You can choose, together with the chef, a suitable menu that does not conflict with your allergies. However, Italian cooking classes in Rome is excluded from any liability related to intolerances and allergies, as our job is to do cooking lessons, so guests have free choice at the end of the lessons to eat all the dishes prepared on their own.

Are children entitled to a discount?

We do not provide discounts for children, as they take up space, use a section, and need the same attention as an adult. However the administration could issue discounts for children on certain occasions, such as a large group, a private class, a whole family could have access to a discount.

Is this cooking class Rome suitable for children?

Yes, the class can also be booked for children over the age of 6, with the participation of at least one responsible adult. However, children may experience things like this in a negative way, given the long duration. So other lessons may be more appropriate.

Is it possible to changethis lesson by adding more?

This cooking class Rome with the market shopping, being private, can be modified to your liking, but always remaining within the limits of decency, without requiring strange things, or being excessively pretentious. You must, however, stay within the 3-course limit, for any excessive request, a supplement will be requested.

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