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Health and Safety Measures to prevent Sars-COV 2 virus spread

Daily antiviral disinfection is mandatory for all hotels, cars, trains, buses and rental vehicles that Italian cooking classes in Rome intend to use. Mask-wearing is obligatory indoors and in crowds for all Italian cooking classes in Rome's Staff and guests. Italian cooking classes in Rome's Guests are encouraged to make use of hand sanitiser gel, to wear masks even out-door when necessary and to follow social distancing measures during activities and transportation.

Contactless ticket redemption is available. Temperature checks are carried out at the entrance to all attractions and museums. Anyone with a temperature exceeding 37.5 degrees will be denied entry. All private drivers Italian cooking classes in Rome collaborate with are required by law to carry Covid-free test certification.

All public facilities (e.g. museums, bars, restaurants and shops) have now reopened on the condition they follow social distancing and regulations, keeping each vehicle and venue vacant between travellers. Police checks are in operation to ensure compliance with these rules. How we’re playing our part? Italian cooking classes in Rome has reduced the number of participants for each activity and tours.

Italian cooking classes in Rome perform routine environmental disinfection of frequently touched surfaces in the workplace, such as workstations, telephones, keyboards and doorknobs. Italian cooking classes in Rome is encouraging a balance of remote working for our office's Staff.

Italian cooking classes in Rome insist any employees showing symptoms stay at home and do not return to work until the OMS criteria to leave home isolation have been met.

Italian cooking classes in Rome has ensured that sick leave policies are flexible and consistent with public health guidance and that employees are aware of and understand these policies.

Italian cooking classes in Rome support hand hygiene for employees, customers, and visitors and provide tissues, soap and water near the entrance and hand washing for our locations.

Francesco Ieriti Chef and CEO at Italian cooking clòasses in Rome

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